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Disco dance for all!

Sat, May 22, 2021 2:30 PM
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We start the class with a standing warm-up and explain proper body posture. I follow with showing each step without music and by giving some markers (stretch, bend, turn, jump, directions). We execute the steps all together, repeat and once again, I demonstrate the steps with the music before dancing it all together.
The dance steps instructions are well detailed with a well thought out and adapted pedagogy. This class allows everyone to come, learn and to spend some energy on lively music and for the pleasure of dancing. You do not need to perform acrobatics or be flexible to come and have fun in this class!

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Duration icon60 min

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Event coach name is Sylvain Breteau

Sylvain Breteau


Simply come with your motivation, water bottle and towel.
Please wear a short sleeve t-shirt and leggings or jogging pants. Sneakers with socks, but no high heels or dress shoes. Cell phones are left in the locker room!

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