Nomade Cycle: freestyle outdoor stationary bike session

Monday, August 23, 2021 1:30 p.m. EDT

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**Rain or shine, classes are held as tents are set up to protect from the sun and rain.** We provide our top of the line bikes for you to come and do your individual training. The bikes are equipped with a rack to hold your monitors and electronic devices. Weights are also available for use on site. Reserve the time slot of your choice. Everything takes place outside for you to enjoy summer!
Event Tagged As adultsAdults
Price icon$10.50
Duration icon60 min
Decadium Laval


Event coach name is Christina Jahshan

Christina Jahshan


Classes are held in the parking lot in front of Decathlon Laval. Please bring sportswear. The pedals are equipped with a strap for running shoes and SPD clips. Bring a water bottle of at least 750 ml. Towels are available on site. You must wear a face mask until you are on your stationary bike.

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