Power Pilates for a stronger core!

Wed, Jul 29, 2020 3:00 PM


This Pilates class will help you increase your strength by stimulating muscles deep in your core with specific exercises. Pilates can help you get back in shape, as well as allow you to gain better control of your body, your posture and your breathing. It can also improve your performance in other disciplines without hurting yourself.
We will work on strength, joint mobility, coordination, precision, flexibility and concentration by starting with the core and working our way through to the fingertips.
Let’s get strong together! This activity will be offered in French.

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Price icon$10
Duration icon60 min


Event coach name is Sophie Arzel

Sophie Arzel


Once you have registered, I will provide you with a link and instructions to access the virtual class. Please allow 15 minutes before the class for any technical setup!
Please wear comfortable spo...

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