Rhythm-based spinning



Thu, Jul 16, 2020 2:00 PM


My class is a rhythm-based spin class. During 45 minutes we follow the different bpm (beat per minute) of each song on the chosen playlist. We move in and out of the saddle and incorporate various upper body moves. I include a 3-minute weights sequence while pedalling on the bike. The class can be adapted to any level based on changing the resistance, sitting the entire ride or not adding arm movements. Come dance and ride! This activity will be offered in English.

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Price icon$9.99
Duration icon45 min


Event coach name is Lauren Kaplan

Lauren Kaplan


Please reserve your spot here and I will email you the class link.
Please allow 15 minutes before the class for any technical setup.
Participants need to have a spin bike at home. Make sure to...

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