Shred & Tone: A 3 Class Pack

Sat, Jul 4, 2020 1:00 PM


The cardio box and sculpt class (Tuesday) has a Zumba-type of energy but it also combines a mix of toning and cardiovascular exercises and boxing drills. We will burn over 500 calories in one class! Come and party with me!
The abs and booty class (Saturday) will focus on building the glutes, hamstrings and lower back. We will also work out every muscle of our abdominal section. You will feel the burn!
The full-body toning class (Monday and Wednesday) is a mix of lightweight exercises and cardiovascular exercises. The abdominal section will also get toned as we will execute a number of abs exercises. Can’t get away from the burn!
This activity will be offered in English.

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Price icon$18
Duration icon30 min


Event coach name is Vanessa Luciani

Vanessa Luciani


-Monday: 7:30am Tabata work 6pm: Power Fit
-Tuesday: 7:30 Bootcamp 6pm: Glutes Burn
-Wednesday: 7:30am Upper Body Blast 6pm: Cardio Mix

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