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ABS BURNER: goodbye to stubborn fat!

Sen, 17 Mei 2021 pukul 15.30
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ABS BURNER is the perfect intensive session to tone and sculpt your abs. Composed of muscle strengthening, cardio and targeted abdominal exercises, this class will stimulate your metabolism, tone your deep muscles and sculpt your belly. It's a complete abdominal belt workout! You can also combine this session with Slim Cardio and Warrior HIIT sessions for even more results.

Event Tagged As adultsDewasa
Price iconCA$8,40
Duration icon30 min
Decathlon Decadium Eaton
Cardio training

About this organizer:

Event coach name is Samuel Loperfido

Samuel Loperfido


Masks are mandatory except during physical activity.
Please bring hand sanitizer, towel, water bottle, and floor mat if possible.
Wear appropriate sports clothes and shoes.
We will meet in front of the Decadium at the store.

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