Barre and chair: Low impact toning

Rab, 8 Jul 2020 pukul 21.30


This yoga session is for all levels. Each class is a grounding experience woven with a playful nature. Expect an emphasis on the mind-body-breath connection, as well as deep opening and lengthening of stiff muscles and joints. You’ll leave the class feeling light, energized and taller than when you arrived!

Event tagged as onlineVirtual
Event tagged as adultsDewasa
Event tagged as all levelsSemua tingkatan
Price iconCA$10
Duration icon55 min


Event coach name is Niki Pislis

Niki Pislis


The link for the activity will be at the bottom of the confirmation email and will take place on Zoom. Please allow 15 minutes before the class for any technical setup!
If necessary, prepare yours...

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